Monday, March 20, 2017

1.The research by Josh Mitchell shows that a college degree/training is more important now days than those who grew up a few decades ago. He shows this by showing a graph. The grade point average of men and women compared to what they earn. People with good grades are more likely to go on with their education after high school. Because they went farther with their education they are likely to make more money.
2. Better grades are linked to earning more money down the road. The research shows that people with better grades are more likely to further their education. This link gives you tips on how to get better grades.
3. The correlation between high school and education and overall education attainment was strongest for minorities. It was strongest for minorities because they thought by finishing college they could earn more money.

Monday, March 13, 2017

1. I think that the 27% increase in enrollment had to do with the kid's being disciplined and taught to respect people. In the article it says, Her mother noticed she was more polite at home, her grades got better and she ditched the bad behavior. She now wants to enlist in the Navy after graduating. “I like the discipline of it,” Mireya said. “It has taught me self control.” I think that the respect that they had for the teachers in this school and the kid's wanting to learn really had an impact on their enrollment.
2.  The main goal of this article is to tell people how military schools are affecting kids. It explains that enrollment has gone up. It also says how the military school prepare the kids equipped and ready for college.
This link shows reasons why kid's should consider military school.
3. Developing responsibility is so important because it prepares you for life after high school. In my life my mom has given me a responsibility of paying my own phone bill. Paying my own bill makes me more prepared for the future, instead of my mom paying it for me. I feel like our high school could give us more responsibility when it comes to getting our work done. I feel that we can do that without having to be persuaded to get it done.

Monday, March 6, 2017

1. Yes, I think that social media should be taken in account while enrolling in a college or trade school. I think it's important because social media really shows a person's social life and how they will be in college. This link shows how important social media is when enrolling into college.
2. Yes, I agree that kids are more important about being a character than having character. I feel like everyone want to be like the "popular" kid in school. People always want to be like another person instead of being themselves.
3. The school is preparing me right now by telling me not to post indecent stuff on social media, because that will have an effect on my college enrollment.2

Monday, February 27, 2017

1. I looked online for an apartment and it was about 895 dollars, with a roommate I would have to pay 447.5 dollars. Here's the link to the apartment.
2. I will need to pay for my cell phone which is about 50 dollars each month. I'll need to pay for my car insurance and will need gas to get around. I will need to pay for half of the electric and gas. I will also need food.
3. It would be so stressful living paycheck to paycheck, because you would only be able to afford what you need. It would be hard not to spend money on stuff that you want.You could even get hurt at work and have to go to the doctor, you might get a huge medical bill. It is important to have a skill that others find valuable, because then you might make more money through raises.

Monday, February 20, 2017

1. One career path that interests me is being a missionary, I would also like to get some type of experience in the medical field. I like serving other people and helping other people. I have a friendly personality and love to be kind to others.
2. I want to help other people and tell them about the love that God has for them, so I would look into getting certified through this school. If I got some type of degree in the medical field I am not sure what college I would go to.
3. If I did get a degree in the medical field, I would work and use that money to go on missions. I would also get sponsorships to go on the missions. I wouldn't really get a lot of money, but to me its not about the money. To me it's all about giving back to God and using everything I have to serve him and the people around me.

Monday, February 13, 2017

1. The ted talk had a lot to do with the last unit. In the last unit we talked about advertisement and argued about what types of advertisement was the most appealing to teens. In the ted talk he talked about collecting sneakers and how nike doesn't put a lot of shoes in the stores, so people want to buy them quickly before the stores run out of the shoes. If you want to find out more about the ted talk go to this link.
2. He is talking about the Secondary market and Retail market.
3. I would buy and sell guitars. I think it would be cool, because I love to play guitar. I would collect them if I had the money, but guitars are really expensive.

Monday, February 6, 2017

1. The article I read last week and blogged about, was used to inform and entertain through exposing.
2. The article uses cause and effect structure. They state how there were shoes found outside the Nike store and then why they were there, so that is cause and effect.
3. Virtual reality is the most interesting to me, because its almost like a whole different world. I have played a playstation 3 with VR glasses. The virtual reality glasses were really cool, it almost felt too real. The only problem was that I started getting dizzy after wearing them for a while, like motion sickness. I think that virtual reality will really be a big thing and there will be many advances in the technology. If you want to learn more about virtual reality go to this link.