Monday, February 13, 2017

1. The ted talk had a lot to do with the last unit. In the last unit we talked about advertisement and argued about what types of advertisement was the most appealing to teens. In the ted talk he talked about collecting sneakers and how nike doesn't put a lot of shoes in the stores, so people want to buy them quickly before the stores run out of the shoes. If you want to find out more about the ted talk go to this link.
2. He is talking about the Secondary market and Retail market.
3. I would buy and sell guitars. I think it would be cool, because I love to play guitar. I would collect them if I had the money, but guitars are really expensive.

Monday, February 6, 2017

1. The article I read last week and blogged about, was used to inform and entertain through exposing.
2. The article uses cause and effect structure. They state how there were shoes found outside the Nike store and then why they were there, so that is cause and effect.
3. Virtual reality is the most interesting to me, because its almost like a whole different world. I have played a playstation 3 with VR glasses. The virtual reality glasses were really cool, it almost felt too real. The only problem was that I started getting dizzy after wearing them for a while, like motion sickness. I think that virtual reality will really be a big thing and there will be many advances in the technology. If you want to learn more about virtual reality go to this link.

Monday, January 30, 2017

1. Nonfiction is writing or literature based on facts. One example of nonfiction is the newspaper.
2. I believe that we have switched the curriculum from textbooks to dissecting nonfictions, because we learn so much more about the world around us and what is going on. We can actually know what is going on through facts and nonfictions. If we only worked from the textbook we wouldn't learn from other people around us and it wouldn't mean much to us. When we wrote memoirs in class, I learn so much about my peers. I love when I can learn from someone else about life through their real stories.
3. H & M disposed of their garments, they slashed the sides of shoes and put them in the trash. A man found the shoes and they seemed to form pairs so he took them thinking that people could wear them. But then he noticed the slashes in the shoes. H & M did this so that the shoes and garments would not enter society at a low cost or at no cost. I decided on this article because it looked interesting to read. To read the article go to this link.

Monday, January 23, 2017


1. When you hear the word exercise what comes to mind? When most people hear that word they think about those fit people who are at the gym for hours at a time. Most of us don't have enough time to go to the gym everyday.  But daily exercise is so important for your health, it benefits your muscles, brain, heart, and lungs.
2. Romeo was a better husband for Juliet. The only reason Juliet would have married Paris was because of money and because her parents wanted her to. Romeo and Juliet actually had feelings for each other and those feelings weren't based on money, it was based on their love for each other. When Juliet died, Romeo loved her so much that he didn't want to even be alive without her. Paris was sad, but didn't go as far as Romeo with his mourning. If you want to find out more go to this link.

3. Narratives and memoirs are so important in writing. Narratives are used to tell a nonfiction story about the lives of others. Memoirs are when someone writes about their own life. Using these two types of writing you can learn so much from other people and their lives. These are my favorite types of writing because you can have a connection with other people and what they have been through and you can also learn from other people's mistakes and successes.

Monday, January 9, 2017

1.Frederick the Great changed the perceived value by taking the potato and making it a "royal vegetable". He planted a garden of potatoes and had the garden guarded by guards day and night. Because the potato garden was guarded people thought it was worth stealing. The potato became a new royal food that the people wanted to eat, not because it looked good, but because it was a "royal food". Ataturk used perceived value to deter women from wearing veils in Turkey. He did this by persuading them not to wear them.
2.Rory's idea about the train ride to France falls under perceived change because they didn't physically change the train ride. They instead kept the train ride just the way it was but paid supermodels to serve wine. This made people persuaded to ride the train and therefore were affected by perceived value.
3. Changing people's perspective is more is more effective than trying to change reality. When you try to persuade people or change the way they feel it affects them more, because it is more personal. When you change the product it does not mean that they will be affected by the product changing. It is important to try to change the way someone feels about something instead of trying to change reality. If you want to find out more about percieved value go to the link

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

1. I feel like polls and surveys are sometimes reliable. I think that it all depends on who is taking the survey or the polls, because they could always change the survey or polls to agree with their beliefs. Overall I would want to know that the person who is asking people to take the surveys or polls. I also think that it is important to know what group of people the survey or polls are directed towards.
2. I think that the biggest struggle for me, was deciding on what hooks I wanted to do. I wasn't quite sure on the two hooks to decide when there are so many. I also had a hard time finding examples of the two hooks. I ended up picking the hooks celebrity appeal and Language. It is easier to find ads that have celebrities, but it was harder to find ads that have language that would attract all teens.
3.Image result for steph curry ads
This picture is using language and celebrity appeal. You can see that it is using celebrity appeal because Stephen Curry is in the ad. It is using inclusive language by saying "You are the sum of all your training." I believe it is using Brand value, because Stephen Curry is loyal to the brand Under Armour in the ad. He is also wearing all under armour and has an Under Armour basketball. This article might help you understand brand value more clearly

Monday, December 5, 2016

1. It is super important to support your argument with evidence. The evidence is what will help persuade a person to support your argument.  In my life when going to a friends house that my mom doesn't know, I have to show evidence that I will be safe with this person and she has nothing to worry about. Most of the time she meets the friend and makes sure to talk to the parents. The parents give her all of the information and times. This makes her persuaded to let me go with that friend, because she knows the details and the evidence.
2. Alternate claims are important, because they give an opposing statement. If there were no alternate claims there would be nothing to argue against. Alternate claims can be used to tell people that a product is better than another. Bounty the paper towel uses alternate claims to make Bounty sound like the best type of paper towel you can get. On this site you can find many alternate claims about Bounty
3. My audience for this paper is my peers, because I  am writing about what type of ads appeal to teens the most and all of my peers are teens. But my audience is also my teacher, because she is the one who will grade my paper. I am trying to prove that Imagery and Celebrity appeal are the most appealing types of ads. While writing my paper I will try to make my argument good enough to persuade my teacher and my peers to agree with me on the two types of ads that are most appealing, Imagery and Celebrity appeal.